Give the definition of the functions of Finance. Describe the functions of Finance. Consider different points of view concerning about the functions of Finance. Finance is the monetary relations arising from the distribution and redistribution of gross social product and part of national wealth in connection with formation of monetary incomes and savings of economic entities and the state, as well as using them on expanded reproduction, material stimulation working, meeting social and other needs of society. Among the discussion is the question about the functions of Finance. Many economists believe that Finance should be saxeseni with Secure Shuttle Transport, or SST program - distribution and control. Although in the literature one can find statements that Finance, in addition to these two functions inherent in the other: the production (different authors call it differently), catalytic, regulatory, etc. But there is a substitution of the question of the functions of the Finance the question about their role in social reproduction, as it is a different, albeit interrelated issues.Of course, finances play an important role in social reproduction, they can be encouraged through efficient use of production factors, adjusted cost ratio, to provide for delivery kvartiry na sutki v Novosibirske. However, to equate these results are achieved due to the functioning of Finance, with their unlawful functions. In addition to the distribution and control functions, according to some economists, Finance also perform a regulatory function. This feature is related to the intervention of the state through Finance (public expenditures, nalgi, public credit) in the process of reproduction.Some authors do not recognize the distribution functions of Finance, believing that it expresses their information, since the processes of cost allocation are served by different economic categories. But supporters of the distribution functions does not believe that ulicy novosibirska affected by the factors of the functioning of Finance in the second stage of the reproductive process, but rather, they associate it with the specific assignments of public Finance, stressing that no other category, acting on the stage cost allocation is not such a "distribution" of Finance. However, to date, the regulatory function in Russia is poorly developed.In the conditions of market relations Finance should perform the stabilization function. Its content is to provide for all businesses and citizens a stable environment in economic and social relations. Of particular importance is the question of the stability of the financial legislation, since without this it is impossible the implementation of the investment policy in gostinicy novosibirska with private investors. Achieving stabilization is considered by the Russian Government as a necessary condition for a market economy to a socially oriented economic growth.Some economists believe that Finance inherent in the three functions: the formation of monetary funds (revenues), the use of funds (revenues) and control. However, the first two, although do exist, but they are more like a mechanism for the implementation of the distribution functions than an independent mode of action category of Finance.The presence of controversial issues necessitates the further development of theoretical problems of essence and functions of Finance. A deeper knowledge of the economic nature of Finance and the inherent properties will allow to actively develop ways to best use this category in the practice of management, to scientifically substantiate the measures aimed at financial recovery of the economy and improvement of the system of financial relationships. 2. What methods of legal regulation of social relations characteristic of financial law? Give examples of application of these methodolology method of legal regulation of financial law in the literature is traditionally called the public law method of power regulation. At present, however, in financial matters is increasingly used and private law methods of legal action (for example, a certain importance of administrative contracts in the sphere of financial management and tax treaties).According to the method of legal regulation of financial law at first sight coincides with the administrative: the same method of power requirements, the inequality of legal entities. However, kvartirnye bjuro novosibirska does not regulate financial relations, their specificity determines the necessity of application of the financial-legal method. Most of these prescriptions coming from financial-credit agencies of the state, created specifically for the implementation of financial activities. These organs are connected with other parts of the state only through functional financing activities. There is no submission in full, as a sectoral management, for the norm of each of its financial rights lies in its economic content. In this regard, different in value posutochnye kvartiry v centre and degree of imperative norms, there are features to Express them in economic management. An example is the sanction of the Bank loan.After examining article 266-270 Budget code of the Russian Federation, list the bodies of Executive power in charge of financial control, and specify polnomochiya accordance with part 1 of article 266 of the Budget code of the Russian Federation financial control is exercised by the Federal service of financial and budgetary oversight, Federal Treasury, financial bodies of constituent entities of the Russian Federation and municipal entities, chief administrators, managers of budgetary funds.The Federal Treasury shall exercise control over:the unbreakable limits of budgetary obligations, distributed main managers (managers) of means of the Federal budget among subordinate managers and recipients of Demyansk poselok and means of the Federal budget, they over approved limits of budget obligations that do not exceed the cash expenses, carried out by recipients of Federal funds brought them over the limits of budgetary obligations; compliance of the contents of the operation code of the budget classification of the Russian Federation, specified in the payment document submitted to the Federal Treasury by the recipient of Federal funds, if the recipient of funds from the Federal budget documents, confirming the appearance of his monetary obligations.Federal service of financial-budgetary supervision carries out financial control over use of means of the Federal budget funds and state extra-budgetary funds.Federal service of financial-budgetary supervision has the right to exercise financial control over execution of budgets of subjects of the Russian Federation and the local budgets receiving interbudgetary transfers from the arenda kvartir posutochno v novosibirske, part of these funds.Chief administrators, managers of budgetary funds carry out financial control over use of budgetary funds by recipients of budget funds in terms of maintenance of target use and timely return of budgetary funds, as well as reporting and payment for use of budgetary funds.The main managers of budgetary funds carry out inspections under the state and municipal enterprises, budgetary institutions.